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Hawkesyard Estate is one of Staffordshire's premier venues for civil weddings, celebrations, conferences, meetings and indoor and outdoor events. Just 10 minutes from Lichfield and 20 minutes from Stafford and Cannock, Hawkesyard Estate is home to the grand Grade II listed Hawkesyard Hall.

Dating from the 13th Century; with beautiful formal gardens and 200 acres of parkland, Hawkesyard Estate is steeped in Staffordshire history with links to the Spode family, Nathaniel Lister and Sir Robert Peel.

Combining a gothic, romantic and picturesque feel, Hawkesyard Estate offers a fantastic location suitable for any business or leisure event.

Proposal Day

 Proposal Day – 20th March 2014

No, your eyes do not deceive you! Proposal Day is a real thing, and is celebrated this year on the 20th March 2014. As the name suggests, the day is dedicated to proposals of marriage for all those umming and ahhing about taking that next step. The day itself is celebrated twice a year on the Vernal Equinox in March and the Autumnal Equinox in September, when the day and the night are equal lengths. Romantic, huh?

Proposal Day

Unfortunately, the story behind this momentous day is not so romantic. It came about when a man called John Michael O’Loughlin got sick of his cousin’s boyfriend stringing her along for years without any inkling of a bended knee. He decided enough was enough and dedicated a day to marriage proposals to move things along and give his prospective cousin-in-law a subtle hint. It’s not all bad though. O’Loughlin’s choice of having Proposal Day on the equinoxes is said to represent the equality between a couple and a sign of a successful marriage, so there is some romance underneath all that practicality!

But the day doesn’t have to be the be all and end all.

Proposal DayProposal Day can also act as a gentle reminder, as proposalday.com suggests “[Proposal Day] presents an opportunity to raise the subject of marriage proposals in a light-hearted and non-threatening manner”. Well that’s good isn’t it? A non-threatening reminder to all those *cough cough* gents *cough* to think about popping that all-important question that changes your life irrevocably. Not a scary prospect at all! At the end of the day, a proposal, and then a marriage will come only when both parties are ready, and when that time comes, it won’t matter what day it is at all!

Proposals are just the beginning of an engagement, an engagement is the beginning of a wedding, and a wedding is the beginning of a marriage. A proposal is only one step in the journey of life, and is by no means the most important. So don’t worry!

Proposal Day

For all those waiting on a proposal and all those wondering when to commit to doing a proposal, you have all the time in the world! Here at Hawkesyard Estate we have been honoured to witness all stages of coupledom. From the beginnings of romance to the tentative proposals, from the proposals to the engagement parties, engagement parties to weddings, weddings to christenings and christenings to wedding anniversaries. We’ve seen it all. Hawkesyard Estate seems to bring out the romance in people – and why not? A stunning setting coupled with an electric atmosphere brings out the cupid in all of us. Hawkesyard Hall is a Grade II listed building which dates back to the 13th Century and immediately inspires romance with its stunning gothic architecture and beautiful surrounding gardens. Our variety of rooms of all shapes and sizes means there is something for everyone, all with friendly, welcoming staff who are dedicated to providing you with a first class service.


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Rotary Club of Rugeley at Hawkesyard Estate

Every Monday from 7pm…

Rotary Club of Rugeley at Hawkesyard Estate

The Rotary Club of Rugeley is part of Rotary International, an organisation dedicated to take action in communities across the world.

Rotary Club of Rugeley have given Hawkesyard Estate the honour of being the venue they choose to meet at every Monday evening. Hawkesyard estate is the perfect venue for meetings such as those for the Rotary Club, as members can attest to. With delicious food, a stunning setting and electric atmosphere, the Rotary Club of Rugeley meetings are always a success.

Hawkesyard Estate has a variety of rooms available for meetings, large or small. All rooms also have facilities perfect for meetings such as Wireless broadband and audio-visual tools.

The current Rotary theme is “Engage Rotary – Change Lives” which is what the club hopes to achieve with their fundraising events this year. The differing occupations, cultures, and countries within Rotary groups gives them a one-of-a-kind perspective that is unique to them. Their shared enthusiasm helps them to achieve remarkable goals.

Guests as well as new members are all welcome at the Rotary fellowship, social and speaker meetings and events. In late summer they have the Presidents Change over dinner and of course, the Christmas party dinner in December – an evening guaranteed to be filled with fun and laughter.

The club meets at 7pm every Monday, at the Hawkesyard Estate with the exception of Bank Holidays. Drinks are had from 7pm with dinner starting at 7:30pm. After dinner there is then a presentation, usually from a guest speaker. Rotary business is then conducted which means the evening usually finishes around 10:30pm. So, if you’re visiting the hall on a Monday evening – keep an eye out for the Rotary Club of Rugeley at Hawkesyard Estate.

For more information, visit their website here

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Rotary Club of Rugeley at Hawkesyard Estate

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Why Hawkesyard Estate is the Perfect Conference Venue for You

Why Hawkesyard Estate is the Perfect Conference venue for you

Conference venues have many requirements…


As well as the obligatory facilities for a business meeting such as WiFi and video-audio capabilities, it must also reflect the tone and style of the conference itself along with the company hosting it…

Hawkesyard Estate does all this and more. It boasts a fantastic selection of meeting rooms in various areas of the estate in various shapes and sizes all with a stunning backdrop including views of the fantastic formal gardens.

Another key factor in choosing the perfect conference venue is location location location. Hawkesyard is just 2 miles away from Rugeley Station, 7 miles from Lichfield, 8 miles from Cannock and a mere 11 miles from Stafford. Essentially, it is the perfect central location for the Staffordshire area. For larger conferences and meetings that will necessitate many vehicles, Hawkesyard Estate can also provide up to 200 vehicles.

Whatever your needs, Hawkesyard Estate has something to offer, whether is a large conference that must fit up to 200 people or a smaller meeting that needs to cater to just 10 people. Getting the perfect sized venue is important for a conference – you don’t want to be squeezed in to a too-small room or shouting across a vast space either. The 200 acres also provides an insurmountable amount of space for any outside activities such as team building, after all, we aim to be able to cater to all requirements.

Have a look at a quick overview of just a couple of some of our available meeting rooms and see why  Hawkesyard Estate is the perfect conference venue for you:

Why Hawkesyard Estate is the Perfect Conference Venue for You

The Parkland Suite

  • The Parkland Suite used to be called the Manhattan Suite
  • The Suite is fully air-conditioned and has state of the art audio and visual facilities including WiFi
  • It can seat up to 120 people and with a marquee extension 200
  • It overlooks the gorgeous Hawkesyard Estate providing a stunning backdrop
  • It has a private fully-stocked bar – you’re welcome!
  • It also features a large outdoor patio area with additional seating

Lister Suite and Sir Robert Peel Room

Why Hawkesyard Estate is the Perfect Conference Venue for You

  • The Lister Suite is named after Nathaniel Lister who bought Hawkesyard Estate back in 1759
  • A smaller conference room, it seats up to 80 people
  • It has a connecting door to the Sir Robert Peel room which seats between 2-16 people
  • The Lister Suite has stunning views of the formal gardens

But wait, that’s not all! A limited amount of rooms are available for those guests who might want to stay overnight at Hawkesyard Estate. We know that choosing a conference venue is an important part of the conference process. It can set the tone for the whole day and may mean the difference between success and failure. Our extensive variety of options allows you to choose the perfect location suited to you and your business. The key to being the ideal conference venue is not just to offer best value for money or requirements but one that is willing to go the extra mile for your company, which is why Hawkesyard Estate is the perfect conference venue for you.

So, if you’re looking for a conference venue, call 01543 491 911 or email andrew.foster@hawkesyardestate.com today to take advantage of our amazing packages!

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